Composer – Cellist – Arranger

Music for films


Film and music by Iván Caramés Bohigas

Voice improvisation by Diana Syrse

Soundesthesia I (sound + synesthesia) is an immersive audiovisual work in which I explore my emotional and sensorial impressions in a mediation on the future of humankind.

“We don’t know how the future will be but we know how we would like to feel then”

Soundesthesia I (sonido + sinestesia) es una obra audiovisual inversiva en la que exploro mi mundo interior y sensorial en una reflexión acerca del futuro de la humanidad.

“No sabemos cómo será el futuro pero si podemos saber cómo queremos sentirnos entonces”


Cans At Dawn / Botes Al Amanecer Trailer from Jose Yenque on Vimeo.

A meditation in resilience and hope as seen through the eyes of a young boy, Botes Al Amanecer (Cans At Dawn) follows a family’s daily ritual of dumpster diving for cans in order to subsist in urban America.
“Botes Al Amanecer” dignifies the efforts of a hard day’s work – no matter the type. For 8 year-old Ernesto, every morning begins in a cramped home next to his moody, older brother and with dicey, day-worker tenants teasing him. His day continues working alongside his loving Mom collecting cans throughout the city followed by a full day of school. Missing the support of a father, Ernesto and his family constantly tread a tight rope.
The tender care of his ‘Mama’ is ever present but the blows made to young Ernesto’s ego throughout the day blister the boy’s spirit. It is this family’s resilience which fills Ernesto with the courage to stand up to his bullies and confront his demons. Despite all odds, they maintain hope and uphold their dignity and so the quest for a better life, begins at dawn.

Film Festival screenings and awards:
“Winner” Best Film Los Angeles (All Films) Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles (2012)
Court Metrage Corner, Cannes International Film Festival (2012),
“Winner” Best Short, 9th Annual Reel Rascuache Film Festival (2012)
Official Selection, New Filmmakers Los Angeles (2012)
Official Selection, Santa Barbara International Film Festival (2012)
Official Selection, HBO N.Y. International Latino Film Festival (2012)

Director: Nikki Roberts
Screenwriter: Carlos Ibarra
Producer: Dorothy Yang, Bethany White & Carlos Ibarra
Director of Photography: Alessandro Gentile
Executive Producer: Jose Yenque

Cast: Max Weidman, Marita De La Torre & Jose Yenque
Carlos Ibarra, Yamil Urena, David Carreno, Stacy Jorgensen, Scott Blair, Kelly Anne Sweeney.

Trailer by: Steven Ray

Technical Aspects:
Running Time: 17:18 minutes
Language: English and Spanish (With English subtitles)
Genre: Drama
Format: RED One
Aspect Ratio: 2.35

Screening contact:
Bethany White:

Funny Thing About Lois

Film by Amelia Lorenz

Original Music by Iván Caramés Bohigas

Academy of Arts And Science: The Producer’s Show 2011 (official selection).

The Raven’s Deal

Film by Manuel Rios Zertuche

Music by Iván Caramés Bohigas




Los Angeles Animation Festival (LAAF) 2012 (Official selection: The CalArts Legacy: Experimental Animation Program)
Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2012 (Official selection)
Animafest Zagreb 2012 (Official selection)
Melbourne International Animation Festival 2012 (Official selection)
Australian International Animation Festival 2012 (Official selection)
Animayo International Animation Festival 2012 (Official selection)
PACT Zollverein 2011, Essen, Germany: CalArts experimental animation retrospective selection.

Plvs Vltra

Film by Manuel Rios Zertuche

Music and Electronic Sound Desing by Iván Caramés Bohigas


Film by Manuel Rios Zertuche

Music by Iván Caramés Bohigas

Video recorded and edited by Calarts students for the IKJ/Calarts exchange

Music by Iván Caramés Bohigas

Kerstin Larissa Hovland, Animation

Iván Caramés Bohigas, Music