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Ah! Opera-no opera


  AH! opera no-opera was conceived as an opera generator, a template for endless operas that was created in collaboration with writer,       Martine Bellen. AH! doesn’t have a fixed score. Rather materials are composed as they arise from what we think of as an «opera   generator.» The documents for downloading include a prolegomenon and a Story-WordSound-Map «score» that are used to begin imaginings that may lead to realizations.

The first public realization of AH! was co-composed with A Counterpoint of Tolerance Composers, Iván Caramés Bohigas (Spain), Michael-Thomas Foumai (US-Hawaii), Alex Kotch (US-North Carolina), Claudio Maldonado (Argentina-Patagonia), Vedran Mehinovic (Bosnia), Natalie Oram (UK), Doo Jin Park (Korea), Jerónimo (Jxel) Rachenberg (Mexico), Diana Syrse Valdés Rosado (Mexico), and Xiaolang Zhou (China) and directed by renowned theater artist, Travis Preston. Currently, it is best experienced by visiting the AH! opera website. Some of Rosenboom’s scores for AH! will eventually be added to this site.




Ah! Opera